Thursday, November 23, 2006


It isn't what you have in your pocket
that makes you thankful,
but what you have in your heart.

- Author Unknown

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Dolphins - self-aware? If you think so then act.

Facts about Dolphin Drive Hunts

The petition The goal is 1,000,000 signatures. Currently just under 70,000.

Sometimes live dolphins are hoisted on ropes tied around their tail fins, said Paul Boyle, a former director of the New York Aquarium and now chief executive of the Ocean Project, an umbrella organization for more than 800 institutions worldwide working to increase awareness of oceanic issues through collaborations with zoos and museums.

Dolphins are essentially weightless in water but weigh as much as 800 pounds on land, Boyle said. When they are hung, their backbones, which resemble human spines, are wrenched apart.

"It must be excruciatingly painful," Boyle said, noting that humans complain bitterly when experiencing pain from a ruptured disc in the spine. "When we show people video from past events, every person has the same response. They say it is the most inhumane thing they have ever seen."

Friday, November 10, 2006

Note for Sheldon fans

Sheldon is moving from aka to their own independent site. Seems that obliterated Dave's notice of the move on their site to the public.

If you like the strip, you will love what's happening now that Dave is sponsering his strip. Large format daily strips. The entire archive available online. More reliable daily updates ( had a tendancy to skip one every once in a while - although they would catch up a few days later.)

Here's his announcement on his blog: