Monday, September 18, 2017

Blackmail Spam hitting email servers everywhere asking for bitcoin

Seen a bunch of this nonsense hitting my clients email servers for the last week:


I do not want to judge you, but consequently of some cases, we have point of contact since now. I do not think that caress oneself is very bad, but when all your acquaintances see it- its definitely awful.

So, closer to the point. You visited the internet with роrn, which I’ve placed with the virus. After you chose video, virus started working and your device became working as rdp since that moment. Naturally, all cams and screen started recording at once and then my soft collected all contacts from your device.

I message you on this e-mail address, because I’ve collected it from your device, and I think you for sure control this work e-mail.

The most important thing that I created video, on one side it shows your screen record, on another your cams record. Its very funny. But it wasn’t so easy ,so I proud of it.

Eventually- if you want me to erase all this compromising evidence, here is my Bitcoin account address- xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (it must be without «spaces» or «=aquo;,check it). If you do not know how to make btc transactions, you can ask google or youtube for tips- its very easy. I suggest, that 320 usd will solve your problem and will destroy our touchpoint till kingdom come. You have thirty hours after reading this letter(I put tracking pixel in it, ill know when you read it). If you will not finish transaction, ill share the evidence with all contacts I’ve collected from you.

Finally, you can ask police for help, but, obviously, they will not find me for 1 day, so you will be shamed at all. Sorry for misprints, I am foreign.

We're fairly certain this is completely fake.  The only systems in question don't have webcams . . . Also tracking pixels - how 1990's scammy.  Laughable when Outlook is used correctly with all messages presented in safe mode.  Don't even get me started on the other mistakes, both technical and social, inherent in that letter.

You should totally ignore and delete this stuff without worrying about it.  However, if you do think they have a case, and you are even close to my age, then we suggest you freely copy and paste the reply below for your own amusement.

Dear Sir/Madam/Idiot,

I received your polite letter offering to destroy all video/audio evidence of a recent perceived indiscretion. It's my suspicion that you have not actually reviewed this material.  Go ahead, do that now . . .  I'll wait.

Ah! I see you are back, and that your eye bleach is somewhat under powered for the purpose.   Believe me when I state that I understand - even emphasize - with your pain.

Here's my counter offer.  I'll refrain from sending you even more video of me for the low low offer of USD $2,400.  Payable immediately by PayPal in "real" currency.  This offer will not last long, you have 24 hours to pay or your return email will be shortly inundated with more of me.

Thank you for your business!

 - me

There you go.  CC0 usage.  Feel free to share and use as you see fit.  No attribution needed.

Seriously though:  Even though this has been repeated too many times -- don't reply to these spams, or any spam.  You'll just get more spam for your troubles.