Thursday, January 31, 2013

Small Business Server 2011 Console "Unexpected error occurred"

Note to all admins responsible for the care and feeding of Windows Small Business Server 2011:  Do NOT install December 2012s WMF 3.0 update on your server.

Error's you might already be encountering:

1) Odd popup error in the Windows Small Business Server Console when you edit almost anything:

 "Unexpected error occurred." 

Clicking help  . . . doesn't . . .  gee thanks Microsoft for the awesome nonsense error.

2) Creating a new user account fails to create their mailbox (and all following actions that depend on a mailbox existing also fail.)

3) Adding a new user mailbox or room/resource in the Exchange 2010 Console fails to set the proper permissions for the Exchange server to manage the mailbox. 

*( If you did not notice this problem, and you have created new mailboxes since the WMF patch was installed, you need to check them right away. Compare the permissions for a healthy mailbox - note that SYSTEM and three Exchange service accounts that should have rights to all normal objects are missing on the newer mailboxes. )*

4)  Exchange 2010 rollups fail to install and may exit without restarting the Exchange services.

5) PSConfig.exe fails to complete after patching Sharepoint. (You do run PSConfig after most patches, right?)

If you've been experiencing these errors then check your Windows Updates log for Windows Management Foundation 3.0 (KB 2506143).  The good news is you can safely Uninstall it. Be sure to reboot afterwards. 

Viola . . . all better.

Of interest is that Microsoft no longer offers that patch to SBS 2011 systems, but from mid-December through the new year 2013 it was listed as an optional patch.

Don't feel bad . . . I learned this one the hard way too.