Friday, August 18, 2006

Microsoft patches patch - patchy schedule announced

Apparently a flaw in the much publicized MS06-040 Server component patch released this August is preventing some users from receiving more than 1 GB of data in size. It's impacting certain commercial software, like Microsoft Navision and Dynamics business applications.

This does NOT apply to 32-bit versions of Windows XP. Users of Windows Server 2003 x32, and XP x64 that deal in large file transfers or data requests might need it. Microsoft is recommending that you wait for the official release in September unless you are experiencing the problem.

If you are among the unlucky ones, get the MS06-040 "beta-quality patched patch" here - and good luck. (Windows Passport or Live login may be required.)

Additionally, there is a flaw impacting users of Windows 2000 SP-4 and Windows XP SP-1 that updated with the August MS06-042 patch which causes Internet Explorer to crash when visiting some sites using HTTP 1.1. Windows XP SP-2 and Server 2003 do not have the problem.

Microsoft plans to release the fixed version of this bug out of cycle on August 22nd.

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