Thursday, October 5, 2006

AV standards: out with the old, in with the new?

AV companies tend to rise and fall in effectiveness as often as the stock market. For some time now I have really come to rely on eTrust, a product by Computer Associates. I still like their corporate AV offering (and still loath their so-called "home" version.)

But there is a new leader in town called AntiVir, by Avira, and I have to say I was impressed during my testing, both in terms of AV protection / spyware prevention and in system resource usage (very low.) It's also been garnering praise in some security professional circles.

(Note that the score table on that site shows a combined result for traditional virus protection plus malware protection, although not all the products they list do both . . . the version of AntiVir they tested does both, the versions of eTrust they tested are AV only.)

It's "for sale" version includes both malware/spyware and AV protection. They also have a free for personal use edition that only includes AV protection - and it's not a limited time offer, but really free.

The free edition of AntiVir:

Antivir Personal (home) Premium edition:


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