Tuesday, December 5, 2006

What's your real connection speed?

Speed Matters, how fast is your Internet connection?  Test by clicking on the image.

Got broadband? Are you even close to the advertised rate your DSL or Cable Internet Provider says you are getting? Check up on them from time to time and keep them honest.

Some typical results that you should see if your connection is healthy.

Advertised (Down / Up)

Connection Rates

Good (typical)

Downlink Speeds

Good (typical)

Uplink Speeds

DSL 1.5M / 128 K

DSL 3M / 256 K

DSL 5M / 768 K

DSL 9M / 1.5 M

Cable 3M / 256 K

Cable 6M / 256 K

Cable 8M / 768 K

Cable 12M / 1.0 M

Cable 20M / 1.5 M

1,200 Kbps

2,600 Kbps

4,300 Kbps

8,100 Kbps

2,400 Kbps

5,100 Kbps

7,000 Kbps

10,900 Kbps

18,000 Kbps

   120 Kbps

   236 Kbps

   746 Kbps

1,236 Kbps

230 Kbps

230 Kbps

690 Kbps

920 Kbps

1,350 Kbps

Here's another couple of great testing links. You should run multiple tests to different destinations and take the medium-highest readings as more reflective of your actual speed.

Speakeasy Multi-Destination Speed Test

DSL Reports Speedtest Selection