Thursday, May 17, 2007

AMD versus Intel - some insight on the future

An excellent update by Tom Yager at InfoWorld: Intel FUD versus AMD fact

"In assessing these facts, three ancient axioms come to mind: Nice guys finish last, slow and steady wins the race, and haste makes waste. I’ll let you plug these in as the story unfolds.

[ . . . ]

At the CTO Summit, AMD laid out a fully finished 300mm wafer to touch and photograph, and we were shown specifics on the fab rollout schedule for AMD’s 45nm process. We got an advance look at new AMD/ATI chip-set technology as well, along with a completely new and radical AMD CPU, the nondisclosures on which lift this month. AMD is not running behind Intel. It is simply not practicing reactive engineering, and if you pay attention, you’ll see that AMD’s take on 45nm process, 300mm wafers, desktop chip sets, and dual-core mobile architecture are more than mere snapshots of the marketed leading edge, which is a coat of gloss on the present. AMD, through its partnership with IBM, defines the leading edge. Watch.

This makes me suspect AMD has a very pleasant surprise in store for consumers near the end of this year, if not sooner. If nothing else, I love the fact that close competition in the CPU market will continue - it's a win for us in both performance and price.

Watch for details by the end of May or early June.