Saturday, June 2, 2007

Abandoned coon babies

Nothing like a nice romantic fire to warm up an unseasonably cool spring evening. Arrange the tinder, get the match lit . . . and frantically put it out when one hears sudden cries of panic and mad scrabbling from the flu. A few minutes of dusty investigation revealed a family of raccoons living in the chimney. Mom grabbed one of the young ones and lit out for parts unknown . . . and never returned.

Called animal control -- in this town they don't deal with coons. Suggested we call a pest control company. Called two and they can't make it out until Monday. Asked them what would happen to the babes and were told they would be euthanized.

Bleah . . .

After some creative engineering, much sneezing and a twisted back I extracted three more young coons. They can't walk, much. So cute you want to pet them - but I know better. Two females and a male.

The male coon babe.

Went to the hardware store for wire mesh and blocked off the chimneys (both of them, just in case mom-coon got any ideas about an easy move.)

Placed the three baby coons into a bucket with a towel and set them at the base of the one and only tree close enough to the house where mom-coon would most likely access our roof and chimneys.

That was four hours ago and the poor things are still there. Hungry and cold.

So now what? Anyone know the best method of reuniting the kids with mom? Any suggestions would be welcome!

Leave me alone, I'm napping!

Three coons in a bucket, now what?