Friday, December 7, 2007

If you play Eve Online - an important announcement

If you don't play Eve Online . . .

News today says that a recent update for Eve Online, the so-called Trinity patch, contains a very serious mistake/bug . . . it deletes a system critical file named BOOT.INI in the root directory of your system drive IF your boot drive is NOT on the default drive C: . . . (this is not as uncommon as some might think.)

If you have not yet rebooted since applying the Eve Online patch - DON'T reboot until after you verify that you don't have the issue, or until after you fix the problem! If you reboot without the missing file, and you don't have an alternate boot disk handy, you may be well and truly - using the correct technical jargon - f*cked.

If you meet all three of these criteria:

1) You started downloading the Eve Online upgrade from Trinity Classic Graphics Content to Premium Graphics Content BEFORE 04:00 GMT on Dec 6 2007

2) You do NOT use Vista for Eve Online (only Windows XP, Windows 2000, etc are impacted)

3) You have at least 2 hard disks or logical partitions and the OS into which Eve Online is installed resides on the second drive, NOT on drive C:

. . . Then you might need to repair your system.

Check to see if the file BOOT.INI still exists on your system drive. This is typically Drive C:, and if you meet criteria 3 above I expect you to already understand the difference between the boot drive and the system drive.

If your BOOT.INI file is missing, here are Eve's support recommendations to restore your system.

Good luck!