Sunday, February 25, 2007

Vista nits and quirks

First problem:

I multi-boot. XP for games, Vista for work.

Found out last night that the Windows XP and Vista versions of System Restore are very different. Not compatible. And mutually destructive. Good thing I take image snapshots of my system drives from time to time.

When you boot to XP, it thinks the Vista partitions system restore archives are corrupt, so it zaps them. When you boot to Vista, it thinks the same of XP's archives over on the other drive.

Will find a work-around and post - if it exists. For now I have turned off XP's system restore entirely, which leaves that OS somewhat exposed.

Second issue

Today I turned off the Aeroglass interface. Perhaps it's my older graphics card (an NVidia GeForce 7800 GS / AGP) on my older hardware, but the performance hit and the eye candy were simply getting in the way of actual work.

Pretty face, but nothing I can't do without in favor of faster response times.